Gold Coast Extra with African Black Soap (ABS)

Gold Coast Extra with African Black Soap (ABS)

Simon Sudz

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You know how crumbly African Black Soap is. Wonderful ingredients like plantains but hard to use, right? Well this soap incorporates those wonder pieces of African Black Soap (ABS - made in Ghana) into a harder and solid bar made with coconut, olive and castor oils.  Shea and cocoa butters. Lightly fragranced with vanilla and cherry blossom oils. 


ABS: Handmade in Ghana. Imported by 3CAYg. Ingredients: Water, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Cocoa Pod Ash. It's pure; made in Ghana from authentic pod ash, tamale ...nothing finer. 

NOTE: Do not rub or apply the soap directly to the skin.  Wet and rub on a towel (or sponge) and then apply the towel to your skin.  This soap contains small particles of dried plantain that could scratch or cause skin irritation.