Carol Manson and Chet Chwalik honor the music of Chet Baker

The music of Chet Baker is characterized by a cool, "West Coast" aesthetic. The jazz trumpeter possessed a seemingly innate melodic ability; certainly, at his best every phrase sounds utterly natural. A foray into singing saw his popularity crossover into the mainstream, including movies, no doubt helped by record labels sensing a marketing opportunity in his striking looks. However, he was beset by personal problems and addiction, spending time in prison before his mysterious and untimely death in 1988. (from

The show is on Saturday June 10, 2023 - two shows (5pm or 7pm). Carol Manson, owner and maker at Simon Sudz, along with master trumpeter Chet Chwalik play the well known tunes of Chet Baker.  You can make a reservation at Twin Lotus Thai Restaurant for the 5 pm or 7 pm show here: RESERVATIONS