Here’s what some of our customers say about Simon Sudz: 

“I bought 2 bars of soap from you at the African culture festival at Crocker art museum. I bought the soaps to decorate my bathroom. During this pandemic I was washing my hands with antibacterial soaps that left my hands chapped and dried out. I decided to use your handcrafted soap, within days my hands were restored to lovely smooth hands. I want to thank you and hope that you are doing well. Thank you again.”
- Isabel A.
“ Your so very welcome! NEVER been a bar soap fan till I’ve tried yours!  Leaves a nice feel after using, surpasses my bath & body products by far!”Great job!”Teresa V.
“Thank you so much. I am so happy with the purchase and will definitely be back. I’m so glad I saw Your post!” -  Chantel J.
“I hope you and your family are well. Besides just me enjoying your soaps,  My husband and daughter are also love them.  So thank you for making quality soaps for all to enjoy.  Take care and be safe.” - Teri M.
“Thank you darling.  It is my pleasure.  I love your soaps that I’ve already tried.  I thought I would like to try some others.” - Carol C.
“I just received my order and I am absolutely blown away by not only the product, but the personal and thoughtful touches that came along with it. Thank you so much. I was really excited that I found your business and my first order validated that excitement. Keep being a force of good.” - Ethan L.